A thousand years of light

Date : 17 / Feb / 2018
Time : 21:00
Address : Bread Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 2EQ
Tel : 01736332988
Free Entry

A Thousand Years of Light

Studio Bar

TYOL – Psychedelic Progressive Space Rock
Thousand Years of Light (TYOL) are an English progressive rock band formed in 2015 by founder members Simon Trundle aka Baron Von T., Nick Perry aka Niki Zoöot and Tim Chapple aka Didier Pulsar. Following the departure of the original lead guitarist in late 2016, Si Fi Mirrorhead aka Si Spring joined ‘the Light’ and helped develop TYOL’s music into its present progressive form of psychedelic spacerock.
Mirrorhead inspired TYOL to develop a powerful, retro, prog rock sound with the use of increasingly atmospheric and dramatic arrangements, richer melodies and by dynamically combining grinding, powerful guitars with long, drifting lead breaks. Passages of truly astounding prog carry the strong haunting voice of Niki Zoöot delivering epic and sometimes grandiose lyrics that are in no way eclipsed by the band’s bizarre stage names.
Thousand Years of Light share many formative musical influences and experiences with their audiences from the late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but despite having an authentic retrogressive sound, can accurately be described as contemporary 21st century prog!
“Something is happening, emerging, crystallising from compassion. An awakening, a movement, a realisation. The crystallising machine of change”.
Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin
  1. Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin