Saturday 3rd Dec 2016

Date : 3 / Dec / 2016
Time : 21.00-Late
Free entry before 10:00


Studio Bar

He bore down upon me, his face contorted in sexual ecstasy. I threw my head back as my spine arched with the first paroxysms of orgasm. Suddenly, I felt his warmth spread within me. “This is the Facebook page for the band, Bastard”, he cried. Before adding “Spankees!”

Way down. Way on down. Are you getting me? It is imperative that you are getting me. These Hondos are from way down. Think as down as you can then add some more. Then a bit more. And you’ll be half the way as far down as these boys. They’re so far down, you just gotta dig ’em…


Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin
  1. Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin