Same 3 chord punk rock with a catchy tune and a smile!
Date : 6 / Apr / 2018
Time : 21:00-02:00


The Studio Bar
Lyrically, we punctuate socio-political comment with associated references from the world of adverts, 1970’s TV programs, railways and first-hand experiences, making sure it always remains relevant (or not!). If used in the right context, humour can be a powerful weapon to use against and poke fun at the establishment. We don’t actually set out to be specifically either humorous or ‘political’ but a mixture of both is surely a good thing, besides it reflects how we are as people. Musically we play 3 chord, sing-a-long, simple catchy songs. There has never been any attempt to copy anyone’s style or stance – this would be totally pointless. Regardless of whether what we do is any good or not, it is better to be a first-rate Eastfield than an eighth-rate wannabe someone else. We have no pretensions that we are doing anything original, we do what we want and what we like to do.
Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin
  1. Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin