2 NIGHT TAKEOVER! - 30/03/18-31/03/18: 9pm-2am BOTH NIGHTS
Date : 31 / Mar / 2018
Time : 21:00-02:00

Ilow Records

The Studio Bar
Dropping electronic verstility in the South West. We welcome you to this local unique community, where we are a community-based record promoting label from the underground artists in the depths on Cornwall. From DnB, House, Glitchhop and Neurohop with some Hip Hop to add around eternal madness but always makes for an amazing night.
We are local promoters that want to help musicians into the music industry, to show the world the creations people have made. We help to push, thrive and mentor DJ’s to their potential and always try our best to guarantee the BEST of the BEST.
Welcome to ilow Records.
Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin
  1. Bye Lover // Jeffrey Nuthin